Hate Speech On College Campuses Analysis

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Hate it or Love it There is with no doubt that the First Amendment protects free speech for all citizens. Knowing this, people of different backgrounds and even those in minority groups are able to speak out against hate speech knowing that they are only defending themselves and not offending others. But on college campuses this is a different story since many universities today are reinforcing speech codes, the restriction of actions by an individual that may offend another person. Because speech codes allow for authorities to abuse their power, it should not be reinforced on campus under any circumstances. College campuses are afraid that people will be offended because of what others say that may put down their religion, sex, or any…show more content…
Not only is this a horrible solution to hate speech but it is completely violating students’ right to free speech. Students must think twice before making a statement that may not even be offensive to anyone but with the speech code in effect the student may be facing punishment because of it. In the passage by Alan Charles Kors titled, “The Betrayal of Liberty on America’s Campuses”, the author gives an example of unfair punishment due to the speech code enforced at Carnegie Mellon University. Kors wrote, “At Carnegie Mellon University, a student called his female opponent in an election for the Graduate Student Organization a ‘megalomaniac’. He was charged with sexual harassment” (Kors paragraph 4). This is an outrage knowing that the true definition of megalomaniac is “one with a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies…show more content…
If a member of a minority group were to be offended by another individual then the minority group member must take stand for himself or herself instead of allowing that certain individual to walk away with these hate words. The best way to combat hate speech is to speak out against it. Not only will they set things clear for others but they’ve made an effort to stand up and clarify situations that they may find offensive such as racist stereotypes. Speech codes do not allow people to clarify situations; all speech codes do is silence individuals. These very individuals still do not know what’s wrong and right and will still have a mindset that will offend others in the future when they’re out of college. There should be a line drawn between legislation against hate crimes rather than the censorship of free speech. This will not only allow for situations to be resolved before crimes occur but also sets forth the minority groups to be free of

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