Why Censorship Isn't Right for Our Country

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Why Censorship Isn’t right For Our Country Do you want to know a secret? All you have to do is go to our government and they could tell you plenty. Our nation of democracy gives us our rights and lets us have voice and a choice under the 1st Amendment; freedom of speech. Although we get our freedom of speech, we don’t get the freedom of knowledge. The government, like any other from a different country, has censored a lot of information from us that shouldn’t be. Our world may seem under control and going well, but really when we think about things, its because we don’t know something, it has been blocked from us for any reason, or they (our government or any ruling power) try to eliminate things because we don’t want to loose control. On the contrast, like any argument there’s an opposing side. There is a large amount of people who believe in censorship due to information being taken in could cause physical or psychological harm. Also, other factors that could cause harm: national security, pornography, and privacy. The biggest factor around the globe is media. Journalism shouldn't be censored out blocked out. It should be about ethics and sense of right and wrong. Anything that has to with journalist, reporters, news, etc., is what the government has more control over than what we think. "People in these countries are virtually isolated from the rest of the world by authoritarian rulers who muzzle the media and keep a chokehold on information through restrictive laws, fear, and intimidation" said CPJ Executive Producer ( Ann Cooper). So do you really know whats going on? Censorship is the suppression of information, opinion, or expression by a government or other authority in order to control their circulation. The country rated number one in most censored around the world by the CPJ was North Korea. Kim Jong ll has all domestic radio, television,

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