Godfather Essay

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THE VALUE OF THE GODFATHER In the article “What is the value of The Godfather?” David Clemens states that reading great literature may inspire students to behave as well as what they read. However, some books may have less value than the others may because it would lead the reader to a bad way in life. In addition, some books as Unabomber’s Manifesto, The Anarchist’s Cookbook, and American Psycho would not give any value to the reader, but they glamorize violence, drug use, or other illegal or immoral activity. For this reason, David Clemens agrees that The Godfather should not be made available in our public high school. I agree with David Clemens about banning The Godfather in our public high schools because the violent and criminal scene of the book as well as bringing the wrong impression to high school students that we embrace the intolerance worldviews in the Godfather First, The Godfather novel might present readers a great insight of the real world, yet this image is too violent to be taught for high school students. In fact, the book primarily tells the story of the Corleone crime family, the war it fights with the other crime families of New York, and the effects it has on the family members. It also details the origins of the family and its raise to power, as well as more in dept looks at various family members. The violence begins with a shot of Michael's godson. Besides that, Michael has deployed to take out his enemies. Thus, the readers always see violence in Puzzo’s book. It would encourage them to do the same things as well what they had read from the book. They would easily get involved in criminal for only a small things as quarrel, wanting to be a top of group or even show themselves off. Second, we do not want to show those students that we implicitly endorse the worldviews in the Godfather: intolerant and killing others as if it is the only
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