The Alternative Sentences – Vorp and Shaming

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Have you ever really thought about how powerful of humiliation is? Some people believe that shaming sentence is a good way to warn and educate juveniles. In my opinion, inappropriate use of humiliations can easily ruin a young man’s life. On the other side, VORP is a better alternative than shaming because it provides an opportunity for both the victims and offenders to repair their relationships,; and then, to reach a win-win result. In the aspect of the victims, they always stay in passive positions in traditional justice system. Not only when the case occurred, but also reflected in the course of the trial. In contrast, the VORP provides more opportunities to let victims to participate in the process of justice, and tries to get more compensation through communication and negotiation. The victims also benefit by through the progress of communicates with offenders to describe their feeling, release their angry and negative emotions, and drive their fears away. From the view point of offenders, they also can get more advantages in VORP system. In the traditional justice system, the offenders almost have no chances to correct their mistakes when they violate the law, even it was the first time or very light offenders. It lets offenders felt helpless, especially juveniles. As a juvenile, the most important things after they violated the law are to understand why the thing they did is wrong; how they can make up their mistakes; and finally to recognize that criminal behaviors are wrong, and unwilling to try again. All of these things are the goals of VORP. Like VORP, the original intention of shaming sentences is as an alternative to the criminal justice system, which trying to punishment offenders and warn other people at the same time, so that they let offenders announced their illegal activities in front of the public. However, I think shaming have more

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