Summary: How Deterrence Relates To Humiliation

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Introduction to Corrections Week 2 Sandra McHenry Everest University Online For this assignment I have to write a 2 to 3 page paper discussing how deterrence relates to humiliation. This is a form of deterrence gaining popularity among law makers. Ohio uses deterrence in to the oldest form, which is humiliation. Ohio requires all first time DUI offenders to wear a yellow license plate while on suspension with driving privileges. Do I agree with this law? Why or why not? I do agree with this law. I believe if a person breaks the law then they should be punished. The idea of humiliation as a deterrence is that humiliating people for what they have done wrong would act to deter them from doing it again. Next I was tasked to research a…show more content…
Escobar was driving drunk on January 27, 1999 when her car collided with another car, killing a woman. Burke ordered the 27-year-old mother of two to serve 90 days in jail, surrender her driver's license for an indefinite period and, each month during her 3-year probation, not only clean the site of the accident that killed 52-year-old Faye Schnablegger, but once a month for the first year of her probation she was also ordered to walk through the courthouse for an hour carrying a hand written sign that read, "I am a convicted drunk driver and as a result I took a…show more content…
But not everyone shares their views. Others say public humiliation is barbaric, ineffective and violates the 8th Amendment, which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment. The Guardian, (1999) has reported that Rebecca Escobar says she has become bitter since a judge handed her an unusual punishment. Burke answered back by saying, "It's not cruel and unusual," (Deardorff, 2000). One last example I would like to share is that of a 21 year old woman, Toni Marie King. According to the web staff for the, The Daily Herald of Roanoke Rapids, NC, King was arrested Feb. 3 for stealing beer from a Roanoke Rapids convenience store. Police said she fought with the arresting officer and shouted insults and profanity. Chief District Court Judge Brenda Branch placed her 12 months of supervised probation and ordered her to write a two-page paper titled “How a Lady Should Behave in Public.” King was also ordered to pay a fine and court costs and told she cannot drink alcohol during her

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