Collaborative Consequences Of Texting While Driving

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Texting and driving Seydou Bocoum DeVry University I will be using to this correlation of facts and opinions to establish my argument of having strict laws against the use of mobile phone while driving. Texting has become one of the most dangerously addictive activities, which has not just targeted the general public but has become more common in professional drivers as well. There is 100% more of a chance for drivers [along with their passengers], to face fatal accidents, when texting is put into the equation. When there are laws put in place to prevent this activity, professional drivers will be more attentive in postponing such activities and stay safe. By the implementation of such laws, 6% of accidents caused by the use of mobile…show more content…
This knowledge can only be provided to people through education, laws and harsh enforcement. If people are educated about the consequences of texting and driving, they may finally realize the danger they are putting on themselves. As the next step, if laws are put in place to forbid such actions behind the wheel, people will understand how serious the government is about keeping everyone safe from these offenders. And the last step is enforcing these actions with a harsh enough punishment to steer people away from this action entirely. I believe that within punishment for these actions, there should be a collaborative educational program involved in the rehabilitation of this mind frame. Unless, there are strict laws against texting while driving to follow, people will not stop doing so and more people will lose their lives. The government should take this matter seriously and try to think about the societal effects of this negligence behind the…show more content…
As I look back at my past experiences, I must admit that I too was once was oblivious to the importance of safe driving. But now that I’ve matured, I have become morally opposed to any activity that could possibly be a distraction to my newly acquired safe driving habits. I admire all individuals who stand to ameliorate our Society by being righteous law abiding citizens, and I believe that the upcoming generation can greatly predispose themselves from harm’s way by applying this Safe-Driving method. The dissemination of this public service announcement is to not only to be alarming on a regional perspective, but also to expand on a national and worldwide level...It all starts with something we were taught as children, lead by example. I am very glad that AT&T came up with this ad because it makes people more aware of this sleeping beast within texting and driving. Reference U.S Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. (2011). National Distracted Driving Telephone Survey Finds Most Drivers Answer the Call, Hold the Phone, and Continue to Drive. Traffic Tech Technology transfer Series. Number. 407. pp. 1-2. Data Retrieved from texting take the TTYL pledge

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