Why Torture Is Wrong

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Torturing Torture of course, has been around for a long time. In ancient history it was practiced by the Greeks and Romans. It used to be a practice of the law in various European countries. Today however, countless people tend to feel that torture is immoral. Torture is defined as inflicting intense pain on the victim, and some people also consider emotional distress, humiliation, and shame to be torture. Some feel that torture is immoral regardless of the situation, while others feel that in some circumstances torture is justified. Another major concern people have, is the fact that the people who carry out the torture will taint the image of themselves and their country as a whole. Although torture is a horrible practice to inflict on another person, we need to…show more content…
Some people simply enjoy torturing others and are proud to do so. When torture is used as a method of punishment, this is simply wrong. There are humane ways we have in place in America to take care of criminals, and the rest of the world should follow our example. If a person commits murder, he goes to prison and is put on death row, if a terrorist is captured, he gets the same. There is no need or justification to torture these individuals. How do you think a tortured person is going to feel once released? He is not going to have any compassion for his torturers whatsoever, and he will associate his torturers will the country they are from. Therefore in their minds, if the American torturers are bad, America is bad. I feel that torture is inhumane, and it should not be practiced as a punishment for a crime. However, if a terrorist has chosen to do something horrible where it puts innocent peoples’ lives in danger, then by all means the terrorist has lost all of his rights. In this situation torture should be used to get information as it could help prevent a future catastrophe rather than punishing for a past

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