Private Security vs Law Enforcement

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Private Security VS. Law Enforcement SEC/310 08/26/13 . Private Security VS. Law Enforcement The private security manager needs to assemble a quick reference guide for his staff. This quick guide should include who will be searched, what items are not allowed in, which are, what items result in confiscation and what results in the refusal of entry. The guide should also cover as many possible issues, such as refusal to allow a search or bribery. The guide will be important because it will dictate to the staff how to properly protect the venue and event without violating the policy of the stadium and the individual rights of the guests. The first thing discussed will be who we should search. We will perform a pat down and a once over with the metal detecting wand to every ticket holder. Each bag will be searched for contraband such as weapons, alcohol, drugs, or glass containers. We will also randomly select individuals to be removed from line and searched more thoroughly. This also can be used to further investigate unruly fans causing trouble. We must use discretion by using the random selection as opposed to someone who “looks sketchy” based on appearance alone. The next topic will be what to do with contraband. The items that will be confiscated at the gate, but the guest are allowed to enter are glass containers, bags larger than the image shown at the gate, any pre-package food, all containers larger than 25 oz, all container that is not see through, alcohol, signs larger than 2 feet by 2 feet and all items that may be used as a weapon with no evident purpose at this event. The items that will result in refusal of entry are guns, knives, illegal drugs, illegal drug paraphernalia or a fake ticket. In the event one of these items are found you are to
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