Essay On The Importance Of Accountability In The Army

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Accountability, Importance of Following an Order, and Being on Time at Your Appointed Place of Duty By Cpl Brendan R. Murphy In this essay I Brendan Murphy will be discussing the topics of accountability, importance of following an order, and being on time at your appointed place of duty. I am going to describe each of these topics to explain the importance of each of these subjects. Each one of these subjects is very important in the military and civilian world. Now accountability is very important in the military work place. As you get higher through the ranks you should always know where your marines are at all times, because not knowing where your marines is the vital you’re accomplishing your mission. Also resulting and not…show more content…
Especially in the military world knowing where your gear is at is very essential to mission accomplishment. That’s why in the military we do so many sl-3 and gear inventories. Now in my MOS accountability of your gear is very important. Because if you are missing like a high power amplifier, or a modem, you cannot complete the mission. If you cannot complete the mission then communications cannot go up and support all the troops out there on the front lines. Communications saves lives out on the front line to help call in air strikes and artillery fire to units that are getting suppressed with enemy fire. Probably the second most important part of gear that you should be accountable for is crypto. Crypto is important because you do not want that to fall into enemy hands. If the enemy was smart enough they could intercept our radio channels and know exactly every move we are about to make. Hence why if one piece is missing they shut down everything until they find it. Same with weapons you don’t want to give the enemy extra ammunition to use against us. That’s why the military is so strict with accountability. Finally, accountability is important in everyday life no matter what job you have. Accountability is what keeps the military going and wins wars, and keeps big companies alive. If they didn’t have accountability companies would fall and the military would be
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