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NSA: Protecting us or Spying on us? June 11th, 2013 After reading the recent guardian news about the NSA, or the national security agency for those that aren’t familiar with this acronym, I couldn’t tell whether I was insanely mad or somewhat generous… Well okay let’s just start off from one point: how would you feel if you knew your phone conversations were overheard and recorded by the US national security!?!? Really? What if I had some personal conversations with my girlfriend? Or some private conversations with my parents? Well in fact, I did have such conversations. Yeah, really, is this some kind of reality show or smth? This is driving me nuts! I’m sure all of you have personal conversations through the phone, and there’s…show more content…
Well, of course I was raging with fury at my first reaction. I reflected upon all my conversations that I had, and just imagined the great laugh that the NSA had over my calls. But after all, there must be some reason behind their actions. Despite that I’m mad about those guys overhearing my conversations, I guess we should all be happy that our government attempts on providing a secure place for all of us, in our great country. Perceiving the situation from the NSA’s point of view made me think outside the box for some time, though I’m still very mad… But being at this psychological state of mind will not lead anyone to a better thinking process. Anyways, closer to what I wanted to share with you guys. My guess is that the government is using this technique to actually capture terrorists. As funny as this sounds, I am happy that the government works this way. After all, if not the NSA, then who has the power to prevent terrorists from this country? Who can stop the terrorists? Us? The police? The press? Don’t think so… I’d rather have someone work on attempting to capture terrorists 24/7. These guys don’t have time to laugh at our phone calls, they’ve got specific directions to follow and a procedure to

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