Argumentative Essay-Down With The Patriot Act

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Down with the Patriot Act The Patriot Act is a very controversial law. It allows the government much more room to do as they please. Some of these practices that government officials can do are monitoring phone calls, emails, and going through personal records. They say this will help prevent terrorism, but is losing one’s privacy really worth it? Could there be a better way to prevent terrorism? With many of your rights of freedom being invaded, this act needs to be repealed. The USA PATRIOT Act was passed on October 26, 2001, after being signed in by President George W. Bush. This occurred just six weeks after the events of September 11th, faster than any other law has been passed. It was the first major act to be passed toward…show more content…
First, the border patrol definitely denies entry of known terrorists into the United States. Second, anyone with any sort of ties to terrorism will be denied entry into the United States. The process of getting visas has also become more difficult in that immigration officials perform a more thorough investigation of one’s personal information. For example, anyone with a student visa must have their school enrollment and regular class attendance verified. This is done to prevent a terrorist from using a student status as a cover-up to allow admittance to this country with the intention to commit acts of terrorism. There are many different surveillance methods that the government uses to spy on terrorist suspects, including email, financial records, and store receipts. But, one of the most common methods of surveillance that the government uses is roving wiretaps. This is tapping into phone calls. “The government says roving wiretaps are needed to deal with technologically sophisticated terrorists.” (Abramson & Godoy) But, one of the negatives of wiretapping is that the government might make an excuse for using it to monitor terrorism with the real intention to spy on foreign

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