Five Goals Of Department Of Homeland Security

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Identify the five strategic goals of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and discuss their relative importance. The first goals of the Department of Homeland Security is preventing terrorism and enhancing security. This goal would be one of the most important since it is in place to protect the United States. Preventing terrorist attacks has made great progress since September 11, 2001. This continues to change as threats of terror continue to advance in trying to attack the United States. This goal is in place to keep people or terrorist from moving dangerous materials within the United States. The purpose of this goal is to help identify the people, technology and materials that move these types of dangerous materials. Protecting…show more content…
These include our air, land and sea borders. By securing our borders will keep help keep illegals and illegal good from crossing into the United States. Safeguarding imports and exports is in important part of the American economy. The United States imports and exports are easy targets for a terrorist attack. Finding where people are being smuggled into the United States is very important. The people that are being smuggled in can be criminals from other countries or terrorist. These are not the only things being smuggled in; drugs and dangerous weapons are a large part of the smuggling operations (DHS,…show more content…
They are all in place to help protect American citizens. The first goal is very important because without it how would we be able to keep terrorists from trying to strike the United States. Now that these goals are in place they will help to spot unusually activity. The second goal is also at the top of my list. If our borders are more secure that will help to keep terrorists from trying to cross illegally into the United States. It would also keep drugs from hitting the streets and keep illegal immigrants from coming into our country. The goal that hits close to home for me is the fifth one. As Americans we all need to be prepared for a disaster. I know that there are lots of us that are not prepared for any kind of disaster. In April of 2011 we had a really back outbreak of tornados across Alabama and many other states. I just thought it would be like any other tornado season. By the time I realized this day was different it was too late. It was almost dark outside when my whole town and most of North Alabama lost power. I was not prepared at all since we didn’t have power again for five or six days. If it was not for friends and family I don’t know what I would do. I have learned my lesson and I now have a seven day disaster box backed for each person in my family. In this box we keep bottle water, dry goods, personal care items, copies of important papers and so

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