Gun Control In America Essay

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Gun Control in the United States of America The United States of America is governed by officials who follow amendments in our constitution that was put in use in 1789. Throughout the founding of our nation guns have been used to enforce law, defend home territory, and hunting to provide food. Within these last few decades guns have been put into the wrong hands and have been used for tasks that were unlawful. Although law abiding citizens support the right to bear arms, many people abuse the amendment to be able to own guns with intent to use them illegally. The government should modify the second amendment to put strict laws on who can and can’t be in possession of any type of firearm. The issues with the present gun laws in the United…show more content…
They should categorize each crime and let a jury decide if this should be added to the punishment. For example, I do not believe that just any criminal act should revoke this license. The crime would have to pertain to any form of illegal harm to animals or humans such as murder, abuse, armed robbery, and poaching. The NRA, National Rifle Association, has the power to bring such laws to the surface. In my opinion, a certain license should have to be carried at all times to show that the offender has the right to be in possession of a firearm whether it is in their vehicle or home. This license should be shown to law officials when approached by one and if you are in possession of a firearm unlicensed you should be detained. If this law were to take place it would not prevent violence with weapons, but it would reduce the amount of criminals on the loose with firearms. The government, in alliance with the NRA, could start by weeding out all of the unregistered firearms. After a good percentage of the illegal firearms have been put into government hands, they could issue a country wide equivalency test to be able to own or use firearms. After these actions take place, I believe our nation would see a substantial decrease in the amount of firearm related
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