Defensive Driving Essay

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Defensive Driving As drivers, we often ignore the golden rule of driving safely and defensively. There are many reasons why we do not drive defensively. Perhaps we have become too complacent, or perhaps we are in a hurry. When we ignore the opportunity to drive safely, we place our lives and the lives of others in a danger zone. To drive safely and defensively, we must remember a few simple rules. First things first, put on your seat belt. If your seatbelt is worn, we could prevent about 50 percent of car accident deaths and injuries. Seatbelts restrain you from straying from your seat, preventing you from flying through the windshield and receiving major injuries. Second, stay awake and alert. Most collisions occur because either one or both drivers were not paying attention, because of sleeping, cell phones, etc. Next, think ahead, even though you do not know what the person in the next car is thinking, try to anticipate their next move. Keep your eyes open, and prepare to react to any possible driving errors that could potentially happen. Next, pay attention to all yield and stop signs. Even if you have the right away, make sure the other person is going to stop. You do not want to risk getting in an accident just because you have the right away. Then, use the three second rule. Make sure to keep a three seconds following distance between you and the car in front of you. Keeping this distance makes it safer if some unexpected event happens that may cause the car in front of you to stop suddenly. Also, make sure to use your turn signals, turning without using these signals may lead into some serious accidents. Finally, check your blind spots, changing lanes without checking your blind spots is a hazardous habit. To drive safely, make sure to stay out of other cars blind spots too. If you make sure to follow these few simple steps, we will be
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