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Importance of Seatbelts Physics By: Osama Al Saket Grade: MYP 4 B (9B) Year: 2008-2009 Seat-belts in cars, they say that wearing seatbelts are important, and that they can save your life, but have you ever wondered how they can save your life? And how why does your body moves forward after stopping suddenly in the car? And why if the car decelerates uniformly your body doesn’t move as if it was at a sudden stop?  A driver or passenger travelling in a car is moving at the same speed as the car is moving, if the car suddenly stops, the body of the passenger inside will keep moving forward at the same speed. This confirms inertia. The heading of a moving object to keep moving, or of a stationary object to remain at rest. Basically Newton’s first law; that a body stationary or moving with constant velocity will want to continue to do so, unless acted on by a force.  Humans experience the Law of Inertia every time they drive in a car.  When the driver makes a quick turn or stops suddenly, the passengers' bodies jolt and try to keep moving in the direction the car was just going.  Because of inertia, it is very important that passengers in a car wear their seat belts while driving.  In the case of an accident, seat belts provide an opposing force that can prevent a passenger from being thrown from the vehicle. Examples: An example of such a situation is the following: “Consider a stone placed in a wagon. If the wagon was travelling at constant speed in a straight line, the stone would stay in the same position in the wagon. If the wagon hit a wall, however, the stone would slide to the front of the wagon until it hit the wall or the edge of the wagon.  This is because it needs to experience an opposing force before it will stop moving.”(1) “An

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