Middle School Persuasive Speech

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Last week, as I was walking past a middle school, I seen a group of students outside. One girl who was standing alone seem to be crying. I was concerned, so I stood by to see why she was upset. She wore glasses and the other student were pointing at her, "four eyes" they shouted. One of the children in the bunch yelled, "You're just ugly why are you even alive!" I was appalled, I too know how it feels to look different and have you peers judge you. Even though that was so many years ago, it felt like yesterday as I watched this innocent girl cry. Starting middle school isn't easy for any child coming out of elementary school. It's almost a step closer into being a teenager and not everyone is always ready. I was eleven going into middle school. I wasn't popular, I was new to everyone. Waking up for the first day of middle school I had butterflies, I thought no one would like me. Of course by lunch time the whole student body was in one lunch room. That's when it happened, I ran into the popular kids, they were in seventh and eighth grade. And I was just starting sixth grade. I knew I was in trouble. I was trying to sit down with my lunch. "You're not allowed to sit there!" I looked up at this eighth grader, he was tall and he was standing over…show more content…
"By the way, my name is Ryan." The boy said. "Justin, my name is Justin." I was finally comfortable to talk. "Why are they mean like that?" Ryan wasn't a sixth grader. He was in seventh but he wasn't popular and didn't have that many friends. "They bully people like us. But when it's time for them to start high school, they will be just like us. New and confused." Bullies can't be bullies forever. They have to grow just like everyone else. Have to meet new people who might not like them. This is everyday, so I knew when I saw that girl crying, she was crying for
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