Bill Nedrow: My Experience Of Being The New Kid

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Toni Hall September 18,2012 Writing Bill Nedrow I had to cope with being the new kid at two different schools. At my first school I didn’t know anyone, the environment was different, and they had us working. At my second school I knew a lot of people, I wasn’t use to the children behavior, and events happened that I never experienced. Switching from school to school is very difficult. The very first high school that I attended was Christ The King which was a catholic school, and because I was the new kid I really didn’t know anyone. So I tried to get to know some people, but because I'm shy that didn't work out for me so I just stayed talking to the one person that I knew. The environment in that school was so different as far as school work and the school district went; their rules were really strict the girls couldn't wear more than two colors on their nails, or in their hair and if so we would get a detention. We also would get a detention if we were caught with our phones or if we were chewing gum; I received plenty of detentions for my nails,chewing gum, and my phone. They had us work once a week on certain days in different places; I’ve worked in a health clinic and MB financial bank. It was a good opportunity to…show more content…
The students at that school had no home training; they cursed teachers out and fought them, and even though it was my first and second year of high school I’ve never seen that happen in my grammar school before. Another event that happened was one time a underclassman ditched school one morning and went to a corner store by our school and someone shot up the store, and ever since then before I graduated I was scared to walk to school. The school work was way easier than the first school I was in which lead me to get better grades that I was proud
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