Personal Narrative: Moving To Richmond

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When I Moved To Richmond Jessie Cravens English 11 2nd Period Sept. 18, 2012 When I Moved To Richmond In 2010, around November my mom came to my brother and me with some very life changing news. She had told us we were going to lose our house, the house I have lived in since I was 3 years old, hearing this I began to question where we would go and what would happen with the years that would follow. Luckily, my mom had been dating a guy for about two years and he saw our struggles. He suggested to my mom that we move in with him, but there was one problem, he lived in Richmond. I was totally opposed to this idea because I didn’t want to leave all of my friends in Hardin or my childhood home. My mom didn’t…show more content…
My mom let us go to school in Hardin until winter break. The last day I got to go to school at Hardin Central started off like a normal day until I started to turn in all of my books, then everything became a reality. Come lunch time I sat down with my friends and we were just talking and laughing like always. That day my real dad came to school to pick me up because I…show more content…
When we came back from lunch we went to our usual class which was Physical Science, which was my favorite class. I went and gave him my book and then started to walk out the door and I turned around and waved by to everyone. My friend Chase ran up to me and hugged me and that is when I started to cry. Then everyone started coming up to me and hugging me, my friend Olivia who had been my best friend for years started to cry before she came to hug me. They wouldn’t let me go, they didn’t want me to leave but I had to. So I left and went with my dad and haven’t been back since. I still stay in touch with some people from there which is good. I miss them a lot though. I moved thinking Richmond would be horrible, but I actually love it. I remember when winter break was over I was supposed to start the same day Richmond did but they did not get all my papers sent over, so I missed like a week of school because of that. When I finally did start I only really knew a couple of people which was good. At least I didn’t start school where everyone was a complete stranger. Over time I developed really strong friendships with a lot of people. At first I thought everyone would hate me but when

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