Greensboro Should Have More Places For Teenagers To Get Together And Hang Out

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I am writing because I believe Greensboro should have more places for teenagers to get together and hang out. Our town has practically nothing except for the movies and places to go eat. Teenagers should have a place where they can socialize and have fun with their friends. This is important for building social skills, and people meeting new people is a good thing. With better social skills, more and more kids will have better social lives. We should invest in building a big place for teenagers to go. The only club I know about for kids our age is Confetti's, and it's certainly not big enough to hold all the teenagers in Greensboro. Without a place for teens to go, they either have to stay at home and be bored while doing nothing, or they are tempted to do bad things or things that they aren't supposed to be doing. The fact that they are tempted to do things such as drugs and alcohol should be an incentive for the community to address…show more content…
Trust me, I know plenty of teenagers that go to college parties and get wasted (and one of my friends got pregnant at this kind of party) because there wasn't anywhere else to go! And that may sound stupid, but honestly, restaurants, friends' houses, and the movies are basically the only places we have to go. I waste so much money going to the movies because I'm bored! I play sports AND work so I'm not "lazy." I have Oak Hollow Mall memorized, and have been to almost every restaurant around the High Point-Greensboro-Winston area. It's not that teenagers are becoming lazy, we're getting tired of going to the movies and bowling every weekend like we've been doing since 2nd grade. I just wish there was somewhere that I could meet other teenagers without having to worry about my friends getting drunk or pregnant but also not feel like I'm in elementary school again. People that don't support a facility either don't know what's really going on in high schools or just don't care and don't want to "waste

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