Manager Role Within Functional Areas of Business

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Manager Role within Functional Areas of Business The manager of a company plays a key role in functional management, as their skills and ideals should translate into their leadership method and managerial techniques. Managers must always be ready to act as a leader in the face of change. “Manager is someone who uses authority and reason for efficient and effective problem solving and to mobilize, coordinate, and control organizational resources by the use of standardized procedures that are a part of organizational policy” (Prevodnik, M., & Biloslavo,R., 2009, P.87). Every company or organization has a manager who is responsible to control and administer the employees. They make sure that their customers are well taken care of, promote good development and operation of the company or business, and are knowledgeable in all aspect and the operation thereof. They also establish development plans for the company or business. Management Requirements A manager requires a comprehensive and pandemic approach for dealing with all aspects of management, and also so that he or she can have and maintain plans for short and long term planning. They also need to monitor market trends in order to detect deviations that can hinder the company, and when the opportunity comes, take the steps necessary to maximize and increase profit. Without an effective manager to supervise and guide its employees in a company, major chaos and headaches would happen in every company and organizations regardless of size. Every manager in order to be effective requires good presence, image, a cooperative attitude, needs to be approachable, courteous, respect others regardless of job title or position, and be accompanied by a great disposition and tolerance, so that he or she can cope and handle all the daily problems that takes place internally and externally of the business, organization or
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