M4 Carbine Sop

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Student Handout 4 Extracted Material from Sample Format for a SOP | | | | |This student handout contains one page of extracted material from the following publication: | | |Sample Format for a SOP | | |None |Page SH-4-2 | | |Disclaimer: The training developer developed this extracted material. The text may contain passive voice, misspellings,| | |grammatical errors, etc., and may not be in compliance with the Army Writing Style Program. | Headquarters Company, 33rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion (IN) 10451 N. 2nd Street Machesney Park, IL 61115 SECURTY PLATOON STANDING OPERATING PROCEDURE M4 CARBINE’S WEEKLY MAINTENACE NGIL-STH-CO SOP 1 20 OCT 13 1. PURPOSE: This Standing Operating Procedure (SOP) is the M4 carbine weekly maintenance for Security platoon. It will be used when conducting all maintenance 2. APPLICABILITY: All assigned and attached personnel of the Security section. 3. REFERENCES: A. Lubricate order (LO) B. STP 21–1–SMCT C. TM 9–1005–319–10 D. DA Form 2404, Equipment Inspection and Maintenance Worksheet. 3. RESPONSIBILITIES: Each individual soldier will sign their weapon out at the armory and clean his/her weapon while supervised by his/her squad leader. It is the individual soldier’s
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