Hazard Incident Investigations

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Purpose The purpose of this policy is to aid in the reporting, investigation, and tracking of all incidents and near-misses. All procedures and forms will produce discovery of causal factors and root causes which will lead to implementation of irreversible corrective actions. Scope This policy covers all incidents (physical harm or property damage) and near-misses for employees and customers while on Company property. Definitions Damage – Any harm that reduces the value of the property, facility, or its contents; either by willful intention or neglect. Incident – An unplanned event that results in physical harm or property damage. Minor Injury – Injuries such as, but not limited to, minor cuts, abrasions, sprains and strains…show more content…
This training will be facilitated by the Company or contracted to an outside agency having expertise in this area. All Lead Supervisors shall be provided with Incident Investigation training prior to being promoted to that position. The Company shall provide the necessary measures, through the Hierarchy of Control Protocol, to ensure a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Responsibilities All employees who witness, or are informed of, an incident, shall report the incident to the Lead Supervisor for Investigation. All near-misses shall be investigated by the Lead Supervisor and reported in the same manner as any minor injury. All minor injuries shall be investigated by Lead Supervisor and reported to Owner within 24 hours of occurrence. Lead Supervisor shall complete Incident Investigation Form (Appendix A); and Witness Report Form (Appendix B) where applicable. All major injuries shall be reported immediately, by Lead Supervisor, to Owner, for further assistance in investigation. All efforts, within safe reason, shall be made to secure the scene of incident for the protection of injured person(s), other persons on the property, and for the protection of evidence for…show more content…
The Lead Supervisor shall then report to the Owner the incident. Any incident resulting in the death of one (1) or more persons; or in the hospitalization of three (3) or more persons, shall be reported to the closest OSHA office within eight (8) hours by the Owner. In the absence of the Owner, the Lead Supervisor shall perform that function. All efforts shall be made to document the scene of an incident by the Lead Supervisor, and/or by someone under his supervision. This shall be done with the aid of still photos, videos, and sketches. Each of the aforementioned, to be logged with date, time and signature of preparer. A yellow-colored duffel bag; (marked: Incident Investigation Kit) containing a camera for still shots, a video camera, plastic baggies, latex gloves, labeling tags for evidence collection and two pads of paper (one graphing-type for sketches and one legal-sized for notes) shall be in the break-room of the facility for use in investigations if needed. ALL employees shall be made aware of its location and

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