Nt1310, Unit 6 Lab 1 - New Building Rfp

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Contractor Requirements The successful contractor will have a certified electrician on site whenever work is being done on or near electrical wiring. The successful contractor will be a certified installer of the infrastructure components being provided. All work must meet local, state, and federal regulation codes. The successful contractor will have a Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) onsite and supervising all work. Purpose of this RFP The purpose of this RFP is to detail the work that is to be done, from the beginning to end stages in order for various contractors to bid on this project. Any contractors bidding on this project must give technical and commercial proposals in accordance with the terms and conditions mentioned in this document. Cables, network equipment, and other infrastructure components that meet customer requirements will be purchased through outside vendors by the contractors. The source company reserves the right to negotiate the prices for the hardware and/or any software needed to complete this project. The bidder will furnish all labor, tools, and any other equipment needed to successfully complete this contract. Work Included The scope of this RFP covers the deployment of the following technology and service components, hardware/ storage infrastructure solution supply, installation & configuration of racks, switches and other devices. Any and all overtime or off-hours work required to complete the scope of work within the time frame specified are to be included in the contractor’s bid. No additional overtime will be paid. The installation shall be in accordance with the requirements of the National Electrical Code, state and local ordinances, and regulations of any other governing body having jurisdiction. The cable system design is to be based on the ANSI/TIA-568-C. No deviation from the standards and

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