Est 1: Task 2, 310.2.3-08

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EST 1: Task 2, 310.2.3-08 Rachael Consulting Ethics Program I. Principals and Values All staff members of Rachael Consulting must always behave in an honest and law-abiding way. The staff must always demonstrate integrity and sincerity while maintaining exceptional professionalism. Rachael Consulting and its employees promote a healthy work environment by treating others with respect and equality. II. Our Mission Statement Rachael Consulting’s mission is to assist our clients in Management Consulting Services. Our programs and all of our staff here at Rachael Consulting are focused on helping you and your organization while maximizing performance. Our organization constantly strives to fulfill the needs and obligations of our clients. Rachael Consulting treats its clients as well as its employees with the utmost respect. III. Standards and Procedures 1) All employees of Rachael Consulting must abide by all local, state and federal regulations. This includes but is not limited to any certifications required to perform work duties. 2) The Code of ethics here at Rachael Consulting is strongly enforced. All Employees will read and sign a copy of the Code of Ethics. 3) Employees must participate in any required continuing work education courses. These may consist of on the job training courses, online education course, questionnaires, etc. 4) Any information regarding Rachael Consulting, its Client’s or its employees is to remain confidential. 5) Support, comprehend and value all aspects regarding Rachael Consulting’s diversity among culture, race and gender. 6) Gifts or commissions of any type of monetary value are not to be accepted by any employees at Rachael Consulting. 7) Any data collected by a Rachael Consulting employee must be reported accurately and efficiently. 8) All employees must enforce policies
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