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Maintaining Fluid Power Equipment Underpinning knowledge requirements Unit PE02-021 1. Describe the health and safety requirements, and safe working practices and procedures required for the fluid power maintenance activity undertaken The Health and Safety requirements are pretty much the same for any engineering or maintenance task. After obtaining the job note, the risk assessment and associated paperwork is obtained and put in place. All associated isolations are then made and documented. As with splitting any pipework, ensure it is not under pressure before doing so. 2. Describe the importance of wearing appropriate protective clothing and equipment, and keeping the work area safe and tidy Correct protective clothing is essential. It will protect you from any workplace hazard associated with your task. Anything outside of the mandatory site PPE will be detailed on the work permit. A clean work area is required to make your repair task easier and safer. 3. Describe the hazards associated with carrying out maintenance activities on fluid power equipment (such as handling fluids, stored energy/force, misuse of tools), and how these can be minimised There are various hazards involved with working on fluid power equipment. These include; chemical exposure or contact, pressurized lines, potential area contamination. The directions on the risk assessment should be followed to reduce any of these risks. 4. Describe the system isolation procedures or permit-to-work procedure that applies Job note and permit to work system applies the same as any other job on site. In addition to this, valve handles should be chained off or removed. 5. Explain how to obtain and interpret drawings, charts, circuit and physical layouts, specifications, manufacturers’ manuals, history/maintenance

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