Level 2 Foundation Certificate Level 1 Assignment

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Cohort 3 Skills for Study Level 2 Foundation Certificate Assessment Outline –Report Task: This is a written assessment as follows: ------------------------------------------------- Should governments invest in a range of water provision methods? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Write a recommendation report for a government agency in an arid region of your choice in which you compare two water provision methods. ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- You must consider the following requirements when comparing water provision methods: ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------…show more content…
* The report should be 1200 words. Use of Sources * You must refer to secondary sources to support your ideas. You may use materials from the Skills for Study 2 coursebook, but you must also refer to at least three academically suitable sources from your own research. * You should refer to data where appropriate. * Support should be synthesised where appropriate. * You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report. * You must use English language sources – you should not translate ideas from non-English sources. You will be assessed on: * The relevance of your ideas; the effectiveness of your comparisons and recommendation(s); your critical analysis of relevant issues. * The structure of your report (completeness; organisation of ideas; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas). * Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material – including specific examples and data – to support your ideas. * Your incorporation of source material including synthesis, paraphrase/summary, in-text citations and final…show more content…
* Each page of your assignment should have a header with your student ID number, module code and the name of your class tutor. Do not write your name. * All pages should be numbered. * Staple all pages together. * Include a title page containing the following information: 1. Module Code (e.g FC511 3T) 2. Module Title (e.g Unit 22) 3. Tutor Name 4. Name of Class/Group: (e.g Class 1 or Group A,) 5. Assessment Title (e.g. Final Essay/Report) 6. Assignment Title: (e.g Discuss.......) 7. Student ID Number: (ID number only and NOT your name) 8. Date of Submission: (date) * Include a word count at the end of your report. Submission Deadline: Draft report - Friday, 5/6/2015, 3pm to Academic Services. (If your draft report is not submitted by the deadline - only 95% of the final report mark will be awarded) You will also need to submit ONE electronic copy to your tutor via Turn It In. Final summative report - Monday, 15/6/2015, 3pm to Academic Services. ONE copy to be submitted to Academic Services. You will also need to submit ONE electronic copy to your tutor via Turn It

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