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CASE 1: GROUPON (Due 10/26/2014 10:00PM) Case Requirements: * Form a group of no more than 4 students. * Go to the SEC website ( and locate Groupon’s initial registration statement (S-1) dated on 06/02/2011, the SEC’s comment letter dated on 06/30/2011, Groupon’s response on 07/14/2011, and Groupon’s revised registration statement (S-1/A) on 11/01/2011. * Read relevant materials from the SEC’s website and the FASB Accounting Standard Codification system. Answer the following 6 questions. Peer Evaluation: After the case due date, please email me the names of your group members (other than yourself) and evaluate each group member (other than yourself) on a scale of 0 (no effort and contribution to this project) to 10 (great effort and contribution to this project). Please give specific reasons if your…show more content…
What was the SEC’s comment on this non-GAAP measure? How did Groupon defend its position in the subsequent correspondence? Please answer the above questions in your own words. If you choose to cite a source document, please clearly identify your source documents and use quotation marks around the quoted materials. Question 2: Find the final rule for Regulation-G from the SEC’s website. How does Regulation-G define a “non-GAAP financial measure”? What kind of non-recurring items does Regulation-G prohibit a company from excluding when adjusting for non-GAAP financial measure? You can directly copy-paste from the final rule to answer this question. Question 3: How should we account for marketing expenditure in general under U.S. GAAP? What is “Direct-Response Advertising”? What are the two conditions under which a company can capitalize “Direct-Response Advertising” as an asset? Find the specific paragraph number in the codification system to support your

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