South Delaware Coors Case Study

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South Delaware Coors Case Study February 23, 2012 Prepared by: Veronica Mcgill Kiyauna Strong Harold Bruney Darren Etienne Shameka Levins Kargrecia Robinson Table of Contents 1. Nature of the industry, market, and buyer behavior a. What is the nature of the industry, structure, conduct and performance b. Who are the competitors, and what are their strengths and weaknesses c. How can buyers buy in this industry or market d. Can the market be segmented? How? Can the segments be qualified? 2. The Organization a. What is the organizations missions, objectives, and distinctive competency b. What is its offering to the market? How can its past and present performance be characterized? What is its potential? c. What is the situation in which the manager or organization finds itself? d. What factors have contributed to the present situation? 3. A plan of Action a. What actions are available for the organization? b. What are the costs and benefits of action in both quantitative and qualitative terms 4. Potential Outcomes a. What will be the buyer, trade, and competitive response to each course of action? b. How will each course of action satisfy buyer, trade, and organizational requirements? c. What is the potential profitability of each course of action? d. Will the action enhance or reduce the organizations ability to compete in the future? Nature of the industry, Market, and Buyer Behavior According to the case there is an opportunity to own a Coors distributorship in South Delaware. Due to the data there aren’t any competitors in the area. The Coors brand name is very distinguished and is represented on many different levels. With the great standing that this company has in the business world it easy to understand that many people are interested in helping a thriving company. Being that Coors is the fourth-largest selling beer

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