Strategy, Tactics and Decision Making

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Strategy, Tactics and Decision Making Both strategy and tactics are about deciding the means by which a goal is reached. The next step to finding a definition for tactics and strategy comes with knowing at what level strategic and tactical decisions are taken. Decision making happens at all levels in an organization. Typically the grand overarching decisions about the future direction of the business are made right at the top of the organization, at board level; major decisions about what is needed to make that vision reality are taken at the next level down, and so on down the hierarchy with those at the very bottom of the pyramid taking decisions about how to best deal with their day to day tasks. As with all attempts at categorization, the definitions can be somewhat arbitrary; however a typical split might be decisions related to Mission, Policy, Strategy, Tactics and Operations. • Mission The mission is a vision, a statement of aim or purpose, for the business. It is the raison d'être, the reason the business is the way it is. Some typical questions one might ask at this level are: "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" "What do we do?" • Policy A policy is a broad framework that shapes thinking and guides long term decision-making. Some typical questions one might ask at this level are: "What is happening in the wider social / business environment?" "What kind of company do we want to become / what kind of company must we become?" • Strategy A strategy is concerned with the actions and resources needed to achieve specific long-term objectives. Some typical questions one might ask at this level are: "What conditions need to hold for our business to be viable?" "What products and services will we offer and to what customers?" "What capabilities and capacities will we require?" • Tactics Tactics are concerned with the short to medium term

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