Mgt 420 Discussion Questions

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Week Two Discussion Questions * Why was Deming’s theory on quality embraced by the Japanese auto industry and rejected by the American auto industry? What impact did the rejection of Deming’s quality theory by the American auto industry have on the rise of the Japanese auto industry? * * What is Crosby’s quality theory? In what way is it unique among the various theorists? What influence does adhering to Crosby’s unique theory have on production? * * What are the distinguishing elements of a process-driven quality requirement? What is unique about a process-driven quality requirement? What are some of the unique elements of implementing customer-driven quality requirements as opposed to process-driven quality requirements? * What are the distinguishing elements of a customer-driven quality requirement? What elements are unique to a customer-driven quality requirement? Why is interfacing between the provider and the customer so critical in the successful implementation in customer-driven quality requirements? * How does one evaluate the characteristics of a quality tangible product? How important would reliability and dependability factor into your evaluation? * How does one evaluate the characteristics of a quality intangible product? How important would courtesy and knowledge be of the person representing the provider in resolving an issue with a quality intangible service? Week Three Discussion Questions What are the two principle activities in strategic planning? Why is it important to correctly identify and address these two activities to ensure success in the quality initiative? * What are some quality management issues? What are some strategies for addressing quality management issues? How did you determine which ones are most applicable? Defend your position. * How do issues involving
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