Is404 Unit 2 Writing Assignment

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IS404 07/08/2011 Unit 2 Writing Assignment Global Limited is in the process of having a more proactive security policy implementation. The want to have their organization be able to harbor innovation, collaboration, and a competitive advantage. They will be able to track their data across the enterprise, prioritize investments, implement security controls, and will audit and comply with any laws and standards they must follow. When dealing with their strengths with tracking data across the enterprise, they will have to monitor the data daily to know where it is at all times. Collaboration will be a vital strength in this process and the speed of the tracking of data will be very important. It is however, very expensive and time consuming. This will be a difficult task and will be fairly complex in nature. If one piece of the plan fails, it could mean the end of the plan. When prioritizing investments, it is vital that they are characterized and determined accordingly. Risk Assessments will have a role in this activity. The Risk Assessment will place a ranking system as to which risks are worth protecting and how cost effective mitigation will be. The issue with this activity is that some vital risks can be overlooked due to differing opinions. It also must be approved at the end of the activity to verify if it is done correctly. Security controls are an important part of securing the systems. Without this, access to vital systems can be easy to obtain. Layered security would be sufficient to offer and is a great strength along with consistent monitoring of the system. The weaknesses would rely on the type of encryption used, if any, and any type of weak token encryption. When assessing the Access Controls as it pertains to CIA, one must look at a fewaspects of this plan that will be rolling out. Confidentiality of the data that is being accessed can be
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