Hrm 531 Week 5 Gap Analysis Paper

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Undertake an audit/ operational review of the organization. To what extent does the organization deliver what is promised? Are the operational processes ‘fit for purpose’ and compliant? Where are the gaps? What should be remedied? Executive Summary: Introduction: Taking into consideration the relatively large size of the organization, we shall implement this study on one branch only instead of to review the process of attending customers over the counters in the branch instead implementing on the organization overall. We shall assess the operational processes whether it is flexible or bureaucratic, does it meet customer satisfaction or not. We also shall measure the performance and identify whether it is efficient or there is a room of…show more content…
The Gap model focuses on how an organization could minimize the gap between the customer perceptions and his expectation. The customer expectation is built on the word of mouth received from another customer, his past experience and based on his personal needs. The model consists of five gaps which are the gap between the expected services and management perception of the customer expectation, the gap between the management perception and the conversion to service quality design (target), the gap between the target and the actual service provided, the gap between what was promised (marketing) and what was provided and finally the total of all these gaps which is the gap between the customer expectation and the customer perception of the service provided. The argument here is that both customer expectation and customer perception of the service provided lies at the customer end i.e. the customer may receive the best service and still unsatisfied. It is also important to mention that both customer expectation and perception are built on different factors, customer expectations were built based on word of a mouth, past experience and personal need, on the other hand his perception was built based on the product delivery and the marketing communication. RATER model is another service quality model which identifies five major dimensions of the service provided from the customer point of view, the model also suggests how each of these dimensions are relatively important, however a dimension which is highly important for X customer may not necessarily be on the same importance level for Y customer. RATER five dimensions are Reliability which is the ability to deliver what was promised accurately, Responsiveness which is the prompt

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