Ensure Delivery of Quality Products and/or Services

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BSBCUS501C SECTION 2: ENSURE DELIVERY OF QUALITY PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES Activity 4 * Make a list of the steps you would take and the processes you would put in place to identify the quality and delivery standards to which teams should adhere and to monitor and manage team performance so that it consistently meets organisational quality and delivery standards. Against what criteria might you measure performance and what action would you take if performance did not meet the identified standards? Upload your answer for assessment. It is possible to monitor, track and manage performance by setting goals and making plans. When goals are supported by plans then it is possible to help the team to reach the target which is deliver quality standards to customers. We need to first break the goals into smaller achievable, measurable steps. We need the members to be clear about the actions they need to take in order to achieve the goals, the goals that involves customer service, objectives and standards has to be clear. Time frame, milestones and deadlines has to be identified. Specific roles will have to be given to individual team members and allocate resources that help goals to be achieved. Afterwards we will need to identify sales target and reporting procedures and expected outcomes. Lastly we will need to let them know the actions they will need to take and how their actions will impact the work of other team members. Performance against the the organization’s quality and delivery standards will involve collecting data that relates to the actual performances of employees and mapping it against the expected performance. It is then possible to determine the extent to which actual performance meets intended performances. Performances can be collected from varies sources which we call 360 degree evaluation. This type of evaluation collects feedbacks from

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