Reflective Writing, Group Work

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SOUTHERN CROSS UNIVERSITY PREPARING FOR SUCCESS PROGRAM For use with online submission of assignments Please complete all of the following details and then make this sheet the first page of each file of your assignment – do not send it as a separate document. Your assignments must be submitted as Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents as specified in the Student Assessment Guidelines and assignment specifications in the relevant Unit Information Guide. If you wish to submit in any other file format please discuss this with your lecturer well before the assignment submission date. Student Name: | Marnie Toms | Student ID No.: | 22256335 | Unit Name: | Managing Your Study | Unit No: | EDU10445 | Tutor’s name: | Deb Armstrong | Assignment No.: | 3 | Assignment Title: | Reflective writing | Due date: | 27.4.14 | | | Date submitted: | 1.5.14 | Assignment check list: Place an X in the relevant boxes before submission: * Completed and attached electronic cover sheet | X | * 12 point font in Arial or Times New Roman | X | * Double line spacing | X | * Header with name and assignment title | X | * Footer showing page numbers | X | Declaration: I have read and understand the Rules relating to Awards (Rule 3.17) as contained in the University Handbook. I understand the penalties that apply for plagiarism and agree to be bound by these rules. Except where appropriately acknowledged, this assignment is my own work, has been expressed in my own words, and has not previously been submitted for assessment in this or another unit. Signed:(please type your name) | Marnie Toms | Date: | 1.5.14 | Viewing job vacancies that advertised power point as a necessary skill was something I never bothered to understand, assuming it to be something else I didn’t know how to do that left me behind the eight ball in life. Team Silvey consisted of
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