The Struggles with Reading. Comprehending and Inclusive Practices

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Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics Assignment Coversheet Student ID number | U3068075 | Unit name | Responding to Individual Needs in Education | Unit number | 8826 | Name of lecturer/tutor | Rosemary Butt | Assignment name | Assignment 1: Essay | Due date | 14th September | You must keep a photocopy or electronic copy of your assignment. Student declaration I certify that the attached assignment is my own work. Material drawn from other sources has been appropriately and fully acknowledged as to author/creator, source and other bibliographic details. Such referencing may need to meet unit-specific requirements as to format and style. Signature of student: AMBER DONOGHUE Date: 14th September 2014 Date of submission: 14th September 2014 The Struggles with Reading, Comprehending and Inclusive Practices When looking at the classroom dynamic there will always be obstacles for teachers to overcome; rowdy students, difficult texts, classroom management, and dealing with each students’ different capabilities. When focusing on the various capabilities of students, it’s important to ensure that your teaching style is inclusive of all, and provides enough of support for each student. To demonstrate effective uses of inclusive practices, reasonable adjustments and curriculum differentiation I will use a case study of a student named Julie who appears to have dyslexia. Inclusive Practices Inclusive practices and teaching is all about ensuring that each student is taught in a way that suits their needs and abilities (Department of Education and Training, 2010). It incorporates various aspects such as including various teaching styles, identifying both educational and social needs, and being flexible within the various teaching and learning styles. The Department of Education and Training

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