Great Gatsby AP Language And Composition Assignment

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AP Language and Composition Assignment • To access your assignment: -Harrison School District web page at -Select Harrison Senior High School -Select Staff Directory – English – Brandy Eddington -Select AP English – Head Start Assignment *AP Language and Composition Assignment Sheet (this page) *Gatsby Study Question *AP Multiple Choice Test *AP Penny Synthesis Essay *AP Lord Chesterfield Analysis Essay *AP Sontag Persuasion Essay • All assignments are due at the end of the first week of class. Technically this is not a summer assignment, but it will be helpful to get a jump start. • The three essays in Assignment #2 must be typed in Tahoma 11-point font. (I do not accept formal essays that are not…show more content…
The Great Gatsby assignment: You will need to read the novel and complete the study questions; have those ready to turn in at the end of the first week of class. These questions will help you follow the plot of the story and study for a plot-based test on the novel. This test will be given after the first week of school. In addition, you will be assigned a character analysis essay, so you will need to make notes of key descriptions and quotes related to one of the main characters as you read the novel this summer. I suggest that you do this assignment in August so that the material will be fresh in your mind as we will begin the year will a discussion of this novel. 2. AP Multiple-Choice and Essay assignment: In order to introduce you to the type of work we will be doing in this class, you need to complete an AP sample test. This will require you to answer 54 multiple choice questions (on the worksheet provided) and 3 essay questions (type these). You do not have to take the test in one sitting or follow the time guidelines; however, please note that these will be the requirements for in-class practice tests and the actual AP test in

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