Unit 40222a Health And Safety Research Paper

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Health and Safety 40222A Task 1 Roles and Responsibilities 1. * The Principle Contractor is responsible for planning, managing and monitoring construction phase from pre-start to finish of project. * Assistant Site Manager will oversee the H&S of site by identifying any specific hazards and outline ways to minimise risk * Architects/Engineers are to eliminate hazards and reduce risk during design and provide information on risks and information needed on the H&S file. * CDM Coordinators – Work with the principle contractor/client to put together H&S plan, notify HSE of the project, liaise with design teams, prepare H&S file, as well as regular site visits to carry out safety inspections and reporting…show more content…
* Employees – need to ensure they are aware of any hazards or risks on site work in a safe manner and take into account the safety of those around you. 2. * The main requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 are for the employer to ensure the health and safety of their employees, other people in the workplace and members of the public who may be affected by their work. * On a construction site the employer must make sure all employees, subcontractors have the necessary information regarding the project, correct instruction, training and supervision to work safely on the building site. On this particular site the site manager must make the general public aware of all hazards and risks around the public highway outside the site by using warning signs and traffic management. 3. The site manager is responsible for all site and public safety and welfare they must make sure that the site has suitable signage to ensure that any risks to the general public are highlighted, warning of any dangers in

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