Kudler Fine Foods Issues

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Kudler Fine Foods Issues The decision to open a gourmet fine foods store was generally a good one for Kathy Kudler, even though she had no experience in running such a store. Kathy concentrates on the needs and wants of her customers, which makes her selections of wine, cheese, produce, baked goods all the more special. Kathy started the business with one store and has grown into three with a possibility of a fourth. Although this growth is impressive, there are several issues that Kathy needs to address before they become major problems and the business suffers. Kathy’s issues start with staffing. She is the only person who conducts inventory, orders product, and keeps the budget. If she suffers an illness,…show more content…
By purchasing or creating a system for KFF, Kathy would be able to spend time interacting with the customers that she enjoys. All of the stores would become electronic in every way. When the stores order product, the system logs them. When product is sold, the cash registers communicate with each other and to the system, where inventory is automatically deducted. The purchasing agent could then monitor the inventory and order product when necessary for each store and have it delivered on an as-needed basis. This would leave the accountant to pay attention to the prices, debit and credit the budget and do long-term projections involving seasonal and product trends as well as the productivity of each store. By integrating the company, Kathy is enabling her business to grow while giving her more freedom to spend doing the parts of the business that she…show more content…
She can continue to offer specialty items, and by becoming more of a technological and current business she will earn the respect of her customers and her competitors. Kathy’s vision is “Kudler Fine Foods will be the premiere gourmet grocery store for those savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses and wine,” and by making some changes she can achieve this vision faster than she ever thought possible. Many entrepreneurs do not want to give up any “power” to others and relinquish some of the duties that she has handled on her own, but the rewards will be tremendous. The best way a business owner can increase and improve themselves and their business is by acknowledging that they do not know everything and only by trusting the right people can the business succeed to the level Kathy

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