Case Study: Kudlers Fine Foods

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The purpose of this paper is to show how important market research is for a company. The company to be used for the paper is Kudlers Fine Foods. Kudlers Fine Foods was established in 1998 by founder Kathy Kudler. Kathy established the company because she was tired of running from grocery store to grocery store to find the gourmet products and wines that she wanted. She decided that if she were running from store to store maybe other people were too. She decided to open a gourmet store so that people could purchase all their gourmet products at one location. She chose La Jolla, California to open her first store. Currently Kudlers Fine Foods consists of three locations which are in La Jolla (opened in 1998), Del Mar (opened in 2000), and Encinitas…show more content…
These are functions that managers use to run the organizations they work for. In Kudlers Fine Foods there is Kathy Kudler who is the owner and oversees her stores operations. Then each store has a management consisting of a store manager and department managers. The store managers are responsible for the entire store they manage. Department managers are responsible for maintaining inventory levels, forecasting sales, and obtaining the best prices and quality of the products. Department managers rely on historical sales data to determine what their future sales will be as well as inventory forecasting. The director of administration and human resources is responsible for ensuring that the stores employee a diverse staff, by ensuring the staff is diverse this helps ensure the products offered are catered to a diverse clientele. Kudlers Fine Foods uses an outside accounting to ensure that accounting practices fall within federal guidelines. They also have a lawyer on retainer for legal advice if…show more content…
SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. The SWOT showed seven strengths and they are; (1) small organization, (2) no direct competition, (3) lots of choices for the consumer, (4) very customer oriented, (5) good store locations, (6) Kathy’s personal relationship with the staff, (7) repeat customers. The SWOT showed five weaknesses and they are; (1) deal in mainly perishable goods, (2) specialty shops with high payroll, (3) small management team with lots of responsibilities, (4) the Del Mar location is not doing as well as expected, and (5) geographic expansion limitation. The SWOT showed six opportunities and they are; (1) geographic expansion throughout California, (2) delegate purchasing process to someone with more time and experience, (3) offer more catering services, (4) add more product line as we grow, (5) spread our brand outside of California as we grow, and (6) opportunity to be acquired. The SWOT showed two threats and they are; (1) competing gourmet shops and (2) the declining economy (Apollo,

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