Supervise Food Service 9562 Part Two

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SUPERVISE FOOD SERVICE 9562 PART TWO 1. The food service management profession requires excellent organizational skills. Food service managers must also have leadership skills to determine how to assign workers to various stations with the help of the supervisor. 2. At first we need to have a menu list to reflect what the customers would like you know this by there comments, current trends, and new products on the market and you will also begin to see the shifts and trends on a daily and weekly basis. You will get a feel for which people and how many people you need for each part of the day. 3. This all depends on the restaurant and the type of food you cook. Which will also determine the type of commercial kitchen suppliers your business needs. Like a fine dinning restaurant will need fine dinnerware and etc. In the same way the type of food you cook will determine the type of equipment you need. A restaurant serving mainly burgers and fries requires an assembly of grills and fryers while a fine dinning seafood reataurant may require steamers or combi ovens. 4. It is important to plan and organise staff to enable the delivery of service. Rotas will play a role in the delivery of service. Business levels will dictate the level of staff needed eg you will have your normal permanent staff but when you have big fuctions it is best to have a bank of staff employed on a casual basis to cover fuctions like this. Calculating staff levels from business information and translating that into a staff rota is a skill. 5. Standard operating procedures are essential to ensure that a business runs smoothly and effectively. It also ensures that employees tackle tasks in the same manner and that the company is conistent and correct. Also a standard operating procedures will make sure the employees are performing their job safety and correctly. Communication skills

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