Kudler Fine Foods Purchasing System

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Kudler Fine Foods Purchasing System BSA/502 October 15, 2010 Kudler Fine Foods Purchasing System The corporate office of Kudler Fine Foods is looking to update their current purchasing system. They want to incorporate some of the latest technologies in the hardware and software arena to streamline the current process. This should also include the ability to transmit information from each location to the corporate headquarters on a regular basis electronically. Current Purchasing System The purchasing system for Kudler Fine Foods is rather primitive when compared it to what is currently available in the marketplace. At the end of each shift, the store manager faxes sales data to the Purchasing Function. At this point applicable inventory…show more content…
This would eliminate the need to fax information to different departments, create an electronic record keeping system, minimize paperwork, reduce errors, and save time. One suggestion would be to purchase a third party software package, namely, SpendMap. This company offers a modular and expandable purchasing system with an “On-Demand and an “On-Premise” version. The On-Demand version is hosted by SpendMap and offers customers the freedom to pay someone to maintain and update the software and equipment at a reasonable monthly rate. The software is running in the cloud on servers that are accessible from each site. There is no hardware to purchase or software to install thereby eliminating up-front investments. The On-Premise version is perfect for customers who prefer to maintain their own system. This browser-based software application is easy to install and extremely affordable. It offers a one-time licensing fee and the ability to upgrade as necessary. Both versions offer cost-effective software with automated purchasing, accounts payable, and manage inventory. It meets the unique needs of purchasing managers by incorporating company specific rules into a customized software application specifically tested for any type of business.…show more content…
They offer a truly wide range flexible suite of invoicing and purchasing software packages for small and large businesses based on the particular industry or type of software required. Verian only offers the customized software purchase with licensing. They listen to the customer needs, assist in selecting a product that will work, and incorporate the necessary company guidelines into building the application for the client. This software has proven success by companies like Macy’s, Coors, GNC, and REI. This software can help lower processing costs, increase financial visibility, and control spending (Verian,

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