Kudler Fine Foods Data Table Analysis

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Kudler Fine Foods Brief – Data Table Analysis Abiodun Durosaiye ACCT 542 September 15, 2014 Eva King Introduction Kudler fine foods has continue to maintain the three store located in San Diego metropolitan area of California. The business has also continue to stock the very best domestic and imported food stuffs which were divided into the following departments: 1. Fresh Bakery and Pastries 2. Fresh Produce 3. Fresh Meat and Seafood 4. Condiments and Packaged Foods 5. Cheese’s and Special Dairy Products The business record revealed that Kudler created some finance and accounting records which were accessible via the company’s intranet. Upon thorough review of the inventory reports data…show more content…
In this table are information pertaining to products. These are the records of purchasable items at the store. This is a great tool for the sales person who would have to answer the customers as they inquire able the products carried by the store. The order table help the store to track and keep records of all order placed by their customers. The next is the order line table. In this table are details on items appearing on the order. With every order, there is an order line. This order line referenced the description, quantity and price of an item being purchased. This is the detailing part of items ordered. Kudler also has a table with information regarding the store, which is the store table. The information consist of the name and address of each store, the telephone and name of emergency contact person at each store. This records are subject to updates as…show more content…
It appear that Kudler is moving in the right direction. The next phase for kudler is to create a functional and dependable database that will reflect the relationship between the entities displayed on the table. The importance of a computerized database to AIS cannot be overemphasized. It is important to note that the information stored in a company’s database is sometimes their most important assets. The nature of any database is that they continue to grow, as the company grows. Databases often contain sensitive information about, employees, customers and vendors. At times, confidential information regarding the owners of the company are also kept in the database of the company. For example, employee pay rate or social security number, customer credit card information which must be properly protected from fraudsters. Besides, kudler will need to enhance the existing tables by assigning a primary key to

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