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Riordan Manufacturing A large amount of time, money, and effort are required in all aspects of a company and its projects. To complete a project and help solve a problem within the company, the proper personnel must be employed and trained properly. Developing an information system through initiation, analysis, implementation, and support is known as the System Development Life Cycle or SDLC. This system must be known and understood by anyone employed by the company. Other than the SDLC, the right database applications must be in place for a company to be successful at developing the right products. Riordan Manufacturing is the industry leader in plastic injection molding. A request has been made to help improve the inventory process…show more content…
To ensure consistency of operations and quality control at Riordan, a common set of procedures were developed for the management of receiving raw materials, tracking products, and accounting for finished goods (Riordan, 2010). When the truck with raw materials arrives from the supplier to the plant it is overlooked by the supervisor and compared with the scheduled incoming orders. Once verified the materials are moved by the raw materials team over to the raw materials area at the factory. At the end of each day the supervisor gives the log of all raw materials received and associated shipping documents to the receiving clerk. The clerk enters all the raw materials information directly into the inventory system. The data entered in the system includes the type of materials, the vendor, and the quantity. As the raw materials and sub-assemblies are taken out of inventory the staff completes an inventory usage form and then gives it to the clerk to enter into the inventory system. Once the team builds the sub-assemblies and final products, another inventory form is filled out and turned into the inventory clerk. When the sales department completes orders, they are then entered into the shipping and billing system. After the orders are fulfilled and loaded for shipment, the truck number, date and time of…show more content…
Structured Query Language (SQL) is a system that consists of one of the core building blocks of modern database structural designs. The system identifies the techniques used to generate and manipulate relational databases on large platforms which should more than adequately meet the needs of the company’s expansion efforts in China. Commands can be divided into two sublanguages, data definition and data manipulation languages, once the DDL has been defined, administrators and users can use the DML to input, modify and retrieve the data that has been established. Microsoft SQL is popular for internet computing and the system uses Transact –SQL. This particular SQL is compatible with the usage of Inflow software that the company will utilize to maintain inventory

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