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CU701 – Store and Retrieve Information 1-Understand processes and procedures for storing and retrieving information 1.1-Explain the purpose of storing and retrieving required information To store information means to save it in some form whether it is in paper form kept in filing cabinets, saved to a disc or memory stick. To retrieve information is to obtain the stored information when required. The purpose of storing information is to be able to retrieve it as and when it is required in the future. It is also a requirement for companies to store certain information for legal purposes. The purpose of retrieving information could be for a number of reasons, examples could be for marketing purposes or to provide information to the Inland Revenue. 1.2-Describe different information systems and their main features The term “information systems” refers to a stystem that handles the flow and maintenance of information, which in turn supports the business operation. The components which bring together an information system are people, equipment, procedures and data. These can be classified into 6 main areas: 1. Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) These are operational level systems usually dealt with by shop floor workers and front line staff. Main feature: To collect and store information relating to transactions. For example, the sale of an item would class as a transaction. 2. Knowledge Work Systems (KWS) These are used by technical staff to convert ideas into graphical designs. They use computer aided design/manufacture (CAD/CAM). Main feature: To provide technical staff with the specialised tools they need to be able to design and manufacture goods. 3. Office Automation Systems (OAS) This system is used by people at the knowledge level of an organisation. Word processing programmes, spreadsheets, calendars and file managers are all
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