Case Study: Kudler Fine Foods

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Introduction Statement Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a profit organization created to assist individuals who cherish the finest taste of gourmet food in the United States. KFF offers variety of services that cater to the California community. Kudler Fine Foods will act within the scopes of its mission, philosophy, and operating polices to better service the customers. KFF will exhibit fairness and honesty in all interactions with the public. KFF main goal is to provide excellent services to the highest level in order of improving functional independence for customers. Kathy Kudler establishes Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) in 1998. The business provides interactive support and services for customers at each locations. Kudler have caused KFF…show more content…
With all these dilemmas at hand, the primary issue was the management area. The owner Kathy Kudler is the sole decision maker of management obligations. The inability to make precise decisions has prevented the business to expand geographically has cause financial hardship on the business. Kudler first store was successful with strong sales and growth. The business current situation and problem continue to get worst. Facing no competitive competition the KFF could be the overall leader in selling gourmet foods. Establishing that kind of success will give the business the abilities of developing their own trademark. Having their own trademark could have geographic and expansion success. Kudler had great vision early on in her business, but her management skills fail to live up to earlier success. She has brilliant ideas about expanding her business, but a marketing analysis needs to be done to be able to see what course of action should be taken. Kudler needs to delegate some of her responsibilities to other employees, but not to just anyone, but to someone who has inventive ideas. She is however, ultimately responsible for their overall operation of the business and final decision. There are many strength qualities at KFF. The lack of competition and various selection choices for customers, the strategic locations give the business opportunities for growth. Incorporating good ideas along with experience food and manager experts will enable KFF to change their weakness and potential threats. Designing a sound technology foundation is needed in order of reducing all weakness issues. This will allow the team to manage all responsibilities, which gives Kudler no authority of making costly decision. With all strengths, potential threats and weakness identified, certain strategy and

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