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Marketing Research Shonethia Perkins MKT 421 May 14, 2012 University of Phoenix Marketing Research Kudler Fine Foods was introduced to the market by Kathy Kudler a career women who had the vision of releasing stress through shopping and cooking gourmet meals. Throughout the introduction years to growth Kudler was successful in opening 3 store locations specializing in a variety of products. The bakery section of Kudler offers fresh breads and pastries with no preservatives (Bakery, 2011). Kudler also has a quality section on meats and poultry that are organic and a variety of seafood (Meat & Seafood, 2011). Kudler Fine Foods has a large selection of fruits and vegetables producing also a selection of spices. A dairy and cheese…show more content…
Surveys give customers the option to made comments and give complete answers and encourage participation in the future (Derham, 2001). Kudler Fine Food should implement a survey that asks questions allowing the customer to answer. Questions like: “Has our store meet your product needs”? , “If not what products would you like to see”? These types of surveys will help Kudler Fine Foods continue to keep products in stock that attract target marketers. Kudler Fine Foods should want to keep loyal customers by supplying needs and wants and attracting new customers with product driven…show more content…
Kudler Fine Foods has shown the upscale of products not is important that customers see the product as such. If the product is not marketing the upscale quality of the décor sales can decline for store locations. Importance of Competitive Intelligence Competitive intelligence is an area within the company that may pose a challenge. Competitive intelligence is imported to Kudler Fine Foods to help show what will keep the company successful. It doesn’t appear that there is many other upscale specialty food stores in the areas, Kudler would have to look in other regions. Kudler Fine Foods will need to invest more time in researching what products or ideas will make the company successful compared to other specialty food stores outside of the country. Conclusion Kudler Fine Foods has shown it can be successful. Business has been going and appears to be doing well. Marketing is the most important key to business success. Kudler Fine Foods should review the strategic plan viewing in on the budget and marketing surveys. Advertising increases that the Kudler Fine Food has what the market wants and needs and by the customers satisfaction survey it will gain knowledge to the company on what they need to continue

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