Kudler Fine Foods Stakeholder Analysis

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Virtual Organization Identify the key stakeholders and their roles needed to achieve the organizational goals, and recommend the collaborative interactions among the key stakeholders to facilitate the organization’s success Kudler fine Foods, this is Kudler fine foods Stakeholder Analysis We do have some stakeholders that we monitor. We view stakeholders as those entities, internal or external, who could affect our organization or be affected by our organization. The following list is not inclusive, but ones that we do keep in mind: ??Staff – Our team of clerks and shelf-stock individuals are critical to our operation. Although Kathy visits each store, much of her time is spent doing back-office work so the staff members are really the ones…show more content…
Kathy Kudler is the Founder & CEO. Her interests are everything. She has the absolute most to lose and the most to gain. Harvey Stephens is the Director of Finance and Accounting. Yvonne Reynolds is the Director of Store Operations. Brenda Wagner is the Director of Administration and Human Resources. Anne Shousha is a part-time Accountant and Legal Counsel. Stephens, Reynolds, and Wagner all are key stakeholders, and are wholly vested in KFF. They are the decision-makers. Their primary interest should be the good of the organization, and they all have a great deal to lose and gain depending on the success of KFF. Stephens, Reynolds, and Wagner are second only to Kathy. Shousha has the least interest…show more content…
Kudler Fine Foods, its key stakeholders would include its employees, investors, owners, suppliers, customers and its local community. Some of these stakeholders internal and some are external but both play a very important role in the achieving the organizational goals. Kudler Fine Foods customers are mostly high-class and upper middle class customers. Kudlers customers are used to the finest quality of foods which Kudler provides. Kudlers customers seem to be very loyal and this ultimately causes the organization to succeed. Without loyal customers there would be no Kudler fine foods. The employees of Kudler's employees are well trained in what they do and have tremendous knowledge in their field. Kudler ensures that their employees are extremely helpful to customers and are expected to go out of their way to help the customer. The employees are the backbone of the

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