Kudler Fine Foods Essay

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KUDLER FINE FOODS Table of Contents Marketing Research of Kudler Fine Foods 3 Competitive Intelligence 4 References 6 Marketing Research of Kudler Fine Foods Gourmet grocery shops are run by Kudler Fine Foods Company at three locations in California, namely Del Mar, La Jolla and Encinitas (“About Kudler”). It needs improvement in its operational activities and expansion of its services because of the recent upsurge in the growth of the company. Marketing research can prove to be the ideal tool in order to develop the marketing strategy of the company. Various areas which require marketing research includes methods of advertising, buying behaviors of consumers, branding strategies, demographics and competition…show more content…
The process of achieving competitive intelligence starts from data then to information and finally to the intelligence. An example of a competitive intelligence is demonstrated below:- Data -> The prices of the raw material has gone by 5%. Information -> Dip in the price of raw materials has resulted to low cost of production. Intelligence -> The competitors will also get benefitted by the same. The advantages of Competitive Intelligence • Competitive Intelligence is an essential tool for an organization in order to formulate the strategies. • It is very useful for testing and validating the assumptions made by the company. • Competitive Intelligence also helps cover up the gaps where the company did not consider a pre assumptions. • It also helps to identify the threats and opportunities. Therefore in the context of the project Competitive Intelligence will help Kudler Fine Foods to identify the future happenings and to take preventive measures accordingly. This will also help the company to evaluate the possible risks and prospects related to the company in the near
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