Kudler Fine Foods Product Launch Plan

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Kudler Fine Foods Product Launch Plan Kudler Fine Foods Product Launch Plan Kudler Fine Foods provides gourmet fare to the San Diego area of California. After realizing continuous revenue increases since 1998, expansion efforts to Mexico and Spain include a new product line offering of gourmet flavored vinegars. Initial market research and competition research provided information that these areas were ignored in the gourmet food market. A wide range of market research determines success or failure when entering an unexplored market with a new product. For example, choosing the appropriate target market and communications mix when entering the gourmet market of these countries is vital to success. Pricing of the new products requires additional research regarding distribution and product launch expenses as detailed in the financial budget and unit forecasts. Finally, public relations efforts before the store grand openings require planning and implementation of the appropriate budget and event efforts. Continuing all of these efforts during the life span of the company provides Kudler Fine Foods a…show more content…
Pursuits of gourmet food increases as the middle and upper-middle classes grow in Spain and Mexico * 2. Profits increase as customers purchase other gourmet products in addition to the flavored vinegars * 3. Possible further expansion to other international markets * 4. Increasing customer awareness of products offered through street fairs and farmers’ markets | * 1. Poor economic conditions create the need to purchase necessities rather than specialty products * 2. Increase in competition created through the popularity of the new product * 3. Government regulations could affect consumer spending

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