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Running Head: STRATEGY Strategy MMPBL/502 July 22, 2011 Strategy Kudler Foods is an organization that started up in 1993 and has grown to three stores. Kathy Kudler has researched expanding the company to include a catering division. Kudler Foods has entered into an agreement with local organic growers to supply the stores with local organic produce. As a result of the expansion Kudler Foods projects an increase in customer purchases. To reach this goal Kudler Foods will need to assess how changes in technology will help create business opportunities by pursuing a generic strategy and tactics for implementation. Kudler’s management will continuously need to scan the fine foods grocer industry for ideas that will provide for an updated…show more content…
Kudler Foods uses all three generic strategies to operate the organization. Kudler is contracting with local growers to supply the stores with fresh organic produce. Pricing the produce competitively and below the competition will attract new and existing customers. Staying a step ahead of the competition will make Kudler Foods a leader in cost strategy. Kudler Foods will need to make clear the differences in the organization such as organic foods division, catering division, and fine foods store division. Kudler Foods uses the focus strategy by determining what division needs the most focus to generate income and a customer base and which division can function with limited attention. Kudler Foods is trying to branch out to catering; as a result the company will need to focus on building the division…show more content…
Scanning and monitoring involve interpreting current or past environmental information an organization believes is important to strategic decisions (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). Forecasting involves an organization aquiring a picture about the future, which is difficult as no organization can predict the future, and the business environment is continuously changing (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). Assessing involves evaluating the environmental data received to accurately specify the implications to the organization (Gomez-Mejia & Balkin, 2002). Kudler Foods will need to review the past decision made in their strategic decisions and determine what worked and what did not. Kudler Foods will need to determine which strategic decisions will be useful in the future to improve the business without risk or little risk to the organization. Kudler Foods will need to look at competition and assess what the competition is doing and what Kudler Foods should be doing differently. Kudler Foods will need to actively research and identify opportunities for the organization. A limited numbers of fine food stores exist to compete with Kudler Foods; however, this should not make Kudler foods lazy in following the competition. Kudler Foods should monitor the competition daily to ensure prices are competitive and lowest. Kudler Foods has numerous opportunities to

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